G20? What’s that?

A problem that happens all too often, the media dropping an “old” story for something “new” and “fresh”, to create a new “buzz”, or anything that could make them more money and receive more viewers. The issues surrounding the G20 in June  of 2010 is unfortunately one of those cases.

I’ve never really gotten involved in this up until now, which I wholeheartedly regret. I’ve heard the horror stories, the truth and the lies, the peaceful protesters and the violent police, the black bloc, and I’m sure you have too. So I figured, I should play my part by using my “internet skillz”. Better late than never, right?

When looking around for footage, photos and other media regarding the G20, it’s been frustratingly disorganized and I’m surprised there hasn’t already been a good resource for all this media.

What I propose: (and currently have no funds to take on myself)

  • A place where raw footage and images from the G20 protest can be uploaded and archived.
  • This media would be tagged with locations, dates, times, whatever useful information can be provided about the given media.
  • An easily navigable portal will be built to find footage by date, time, place, etc. to be used under Creative Commons licensing. Allowing media to be used and published when needed.
  • Eventually, using this media, creating a well-produced documentary would be über-rad.

If you have any access to resources or people to help me (us) out, that would be much appreciated. Send me an email at mitch@bundy.ca or via my contact form.

I would love to expand this at some point to be a hub of information for all sorts of activism, not only for the G20 protests.

p.s. This posting will be prone to excessive edits.