Caravan Palace’s “Panic” and “Rock it for me” video

Caravan Palace’s sophomore album Panic was released earlier this week, and damn… it’s a been a long four years since their debut self-titled album.

They sure didn’t disappoint.
The album starts off with “Queens”, sweet and sultry, definitely the perfect place to start things off. “Rock it for me” features the lyrics of Bob Rothberg and Joseph Meyer from their tune “It Ain’t Right”, it is also the first music video produced from the album, which features a giant dancing robot, and interestingly shaped caricatures of the group. Panic‘s title track is a taste of something different from the group, if you’re a jazz buff it may not be for you, but its chopped up vocals, heavy kicks, and swing guitar and bass rhythms give me eargasms. The second last track on the album, “Beatophone”, has a most appropriate title, fusing everything that makes electro swing what it is, a perfect dance beat, blaring horns and, well, a swing.
The album ends as it begun, smooth. The track “Sydney” is a grand epic, full of bells, strings, percussions and of course, the beautiful voice of the lead vocalist, Sonia.

It’s up for purchase right now (WHOA) on iTunes.